The distance to the centre of Eidfjord is 1,6 km/ 1 mile. There you will find a tourist information office, a cruise port and boats, hotels, guest houses and a kiosk/cafè. In winter the opening hours are reduced.



From the cottage there is a wonderful view of the Hardangerfjord and the majestic surrounding mountains. Eidfjord offers some of the greatest attractions in Fjord Norway; the waterfall Vøringfossen, the high mountain plateau Hardangervidda with its marvellous terrain for hiking, the mountain farm Kjeåsen, the Hardangervidda Nature Centre and the Måbø Valley. Possibilities for day trips in Hardanger and to Bergen.

It is very nice to stay here in Eidfjord in the months of April, May and June. Snow on the mountain tops and green hillsides. Magnificent contrasts by the fjord. Our guests say they do not need any TV here. Instead they prefer to enjoy the view. We get lots of positive feedback from our nice guests who would love to visit us again.



Eidfjord is a very good starting point for hikes in the marvellous nature. Possibilities to fish in the fjord.. A rowing boat is included, and you can rent a motor.



It is also possible to fish in rivers and lakes.



What about some kayak paddling in the fjord?



In winter, from January till Easter, there are a number of nicely prepared ski tracks in the mountain. There is also a ski lift for those who prefer the alpine ski sports or riding a snowboard. The ski lift will be open in the weekends, in the winter holidays as well as in the Easter holidays.

The ski lift and the lounge with a kiosk at Maurseth. There is plenty of space for everyone. You do not have to queue for long. If you want more challenges, there are also ski lifts at Voss (1h), in Røldal (2hrs) and at Geilo (1,5hrs).



This girl is enjoying herself riding the snowboard in beautiful surroundings.



One of the jumps which is made for the more experienced. This is fun! Come and have a go!



Although the number of inhabitants in Eidfjord is quite low, about 900, every year a few larger arrangements take place. One of those is our national day, May 17, where you can see lots of people walking in procession through the centre of Eidfjord dressed in their national costumes. You are also welcome to go to service in our old church, or to join us at the community centre where there will be something to eat as well as games and competitions for young and old.

At Midsummer, June 23, there is a special Midsummer Wedding for children in the centre of Eidfjord. At the end of June there is a big football cup where a huge number of people come to Eidfjord. Norseman Triathlon and the Mini Triathlon are arranged in the first weekend of August. Finally in October there is a very interesting festival for traditional food.



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