Every year many tourists come to the county of Eidfjord. Especially during the summer season lots of people go there for their holidays. Eidfjord has got the world`s most splendid cruise port. We also have the impressive Hardangerbridge, which is the fourth biggest suspension bridge in the world.

It is especially nice in “The Fjord Pearl” in the spring as well as in the summer. The autumn is a particularly nice season for those who prefer mountain hikes, hunting, fishing and picking berries. The winter season is ideal for those who prefer the silence and those who would like to go skiing in the mountains. However, during the winter the number of tourist attractions is immensely reduced.



We have made a part of a boat house into a cosy little cottage. The cottage is 60 m2/ 600 square feet, and is situated by the seaside. On our area of about one acre there is plenty of space for both you and us. We have also got a few fruit trees and some berry bushes, among them redcurrant, cherries, sweet cherries, plums and apples. You are more than welcome to have a taste! The cottage lies on the sunny side of Eidfjord, 1,6 km/1 mile away from the centre of Eidfjord.


“The Fjord Pearl” is a sunny place from early spring till late autumn. In the middle of the summer the sun sets at about 9.30 pm, and it is light almost the whole night through. However, in the winter the sun is gone for some months because of the high mountains. Both living room and bedrooms have fantastic panoramic view. Here you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet holiday, you can explore nature or you can visit some of the tourist attractions in and around Eidfjord.

Eidfjord is a wonderful place for both children and grown ups. At Maurseth on Hardangervidda you will find a good terrain for hikes and skiing. There are nicely prepared ski tracks in the winter, and also a ski lift.


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Eidfjord has a lot to offer both of nature and culture, and the whole of Hardanger is indeed unique. You are always welcome to Eidfjord the whole year around!



In the outdoor sitting area you can relax with a good book, a barbeque, some fishing or simply enjoying the wonderful view. Here you will also find a little bench where you can clean the fish.



Boat and life jackets are included. You can rent a motor.


Superb evening sun. The picture is taken from the outdoor sitting area.



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